Production Services

Solid Brothers Films provides production services to international media producers. At Solid Brothers Films our goals are to assist producers achieve their creative visions, maximize their film incentives and create exceptional work. We bring together award winning crews and expert technicians and define the best in film production services in Colombia.

Solid Brothers Films is a US Production Company which is registered and qualified Film Services Vendor for the Colombian Film Incentive “Law 1556”

Solid Brothers Films offers production services on a variety of types projects and it’s Partners have executed for major studios, Networks and Productions including, Universal, Warner Bros., Paramount, Netflix, National Geographic, and brands including Isuzu, Walmart, Mercedes, Lexus and McDonalds.

Solid Brothers Films is connected to the industry experts in set construction, equipment rentals, locations and government liaisons.

Solid Brothers Films aims to maximize your incentive. We can assist with legal and accounting to make sure you get the most from your production in Colombia.