Services we offer

Solid Brothers Films provides production services to national and international media producers. Our goal is to assist producers to achieve their creative visions, and create exceptional projects. We bring together award winning crews and expert technicians that define the best in film production services.

We are a one-stop Entertainment Production Services Solution for music-videos, TV and film productions. Our team of dedicated and experienced leadership is among the best in the entertainment industry with years of experience and they will keep your project running smooth, and on budget. Although our work revolves primarily around the film industry, we offer the same services and expertise to related industries.

Together with our industry partners, we have successfully executed projects for most recognizable names in the entertainment business, including, Netflix, National Geographic and Amazon Studios. Our team has worked with a range of artists, from first-time to Academy Award winning directors.

With years of experience in production design and art direction, our team leaders will assist you in selecting the precise settings, styles, graphics, props and costumes, that help you to visually tell your story. Solid Brothers Films will work with you at every stage of production, from pre-production to post-production, to make your film a marketable success.

Film in Colombia

Solid Brothers Films is a U.S. Production company registered and qualified film services vendor for the Colombian Film Incentive Law 1556, which offers generous rebates-40% on film production services and 20% in film logistics services.

Solid Brothers Films counts with the resources and legal counsel to make sure you qualify and take advantage of all the applicable rebates offered under this incentive. Please ask us how you can access such rebates.